• Beulings under construction
    Dear friends and regular guests of Beulings, It’s been a bit quiet around the restaurant for the past few weeks. An ankle injury and a sweltering summer forced us to take a long break. This gave extra time for reflection, which was necessary after a turbulent time of lockdowns and staff shortages. Next year we […]
  • (o)Micro(n)-Catering @home
    Until the end of the year there is the possibility to make use of the Beulings (o)Micro(n)-Catering at home.
  • Lockdown Lunch / Sour Lemons Make Sweet Lemonade
    As entrepreneurs, we are used to staying flexible and making a virtue of necessity.
  • Cellar Wine Night First Edition
    Periodically we hold special wine evenings. The first edition was in September and in November the theme is Piemonte.
  • Meppen
    Blog – Making Ravioli It’s Monday, the weekend is over, and then our days off begin. Those days are already fully planned – a visit to the sister, picking mushrooms, taking mother to the OLVG, oh yes and something with the children… and putting something on paper for Chabrol. “Are you going to ‘mep’ on […]
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