Unfortunately, due to the increasing number of infections, new measures were imposed on us. At first, we were only allowed to open until 8 p.m. Recently, that time was brought forward to 5 p.m. We just row the boot with the peddles that are reached to us.

As entrepreneurs, we are used to staying flexible and making a virtue of necessity. We are following the experiment with interest. Does lunch work in Amsterdam? We hope so and that everyone is committed to making lunch in our area a success. In any case, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. I will mention a few: Remouillage, Gebroeders Harterink, Coulisse, Parlotte, Lastage, Lazuur, Zoldering, Pekelhaaring, Toscanini, Bambino, BaK and Brasserie van Baerle.

Over the past two weeks, we have seen our guests enjoy a long (liquid) lunch. After dessert, most people – while they still could – sit back and enjoy an extra glass of champagne or a digestif. The atmosphere was very relaxed and warm. Perhaps extra cozy, because it is dark outside so early already. Long lunches are a warm bath, that’s a fact and I do advise you to have one soon in your favorite restaurant.

We commend the guests who are just as flexible as we are. Nearly half of the guests were fine with converting their reservation to lunch or early dinner (dunch or linner). Hopefully, this trend continues and lunches remain common in the coming weeks. In any case, we also get used to these early hours and then enjoy a long evening lazily on the couch. We don’t mind that little extra – we just take it as it comes.

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