Chef’s Tasting Menu


In Japan they have a form of dining called Omakase. Literally this means ‘I leave it up to you’. The nice thing about this style is that we let go of the traditional structure of dishes and the product comes into its own even better. We see the phase from appetizers to dessert as a whole. One flavor complements the next. A flow of small taste experiences. 


Please note that we use allergens in our kitchen. We are unable to prevent cross-contamination. Please e-mail to if we need to take diets or allergies into consideration. Or make the remark in the notification box in the booking application.


Preparing our dishes takes time and we are keen to let you taste as much as possible of what we have to offer. So you can usually expect to spend the whole evening at our restaurant. We don’t want to rush things, so we hope you have the time to enjoy our food. 

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