Chef’s tasting menu

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In our restaurant we serve a set menu of six courses that changes with the seasons. Within the menu we try to surprise you with a range of flavours. The key role is for the beautiful products that the seasons have to offer us. As soon as you are seated we will welcome you with a range of amuses bouches. These are included in the menu price.

Optional, but recommended for the full experience is the choice for wine pairing. The glasses can also be ordered separately and in smaller sized glasses.

 Menu price

  • 4 courses 69,50 euros 
  • 5 courses 79,50 euros 
  • 6 courses 89,50 euros

Included in the menu is a range of amuses bouche and home made bread and butter


People often ask us about our style, but it’s still hard to answer in just a few words. We have developed our own style, using influences of our travels, our memories and the things we love. With our thorough knowledge of French, Italian and Asian cuisine, we make well-balanced dishes that bring out the best in seasonal products. We prepare everything in our own kitchen, that’s where our challenge lies.


Please note that we use allergens in our kitchen. You can call us for more information before your visit or we will explain them to you at the start of the evening. We are unable to prevent cross-contamination.


Preparing our dishes takes time and we are keen to let you taste as much as possible of what we have to offer. So you can usually expect to spend the whole evening at our restaurant. We don’t want to rush things, so we hope you have the time to enjoy our food.












































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