Dear Guests,

Until the end of the year there is the possibility to make use of the Beulings (o)Micro(n)-Catering at home.

Call it creativity, perseverance, or simply survival modus. It’s a little bit of everything. That’s why we’re not going to give up, but we’re not going to pack it up either. Our sustainable nature rejects filling up plastic bags and containers. And we know how much work it is to finish all those dishes at home, it can be fun but it isn’t practical.

The (o)Micro(n) catering is the perfect alternative to dining in a restaurant. Special dishes, matching wines, and no messing around with extra pans and a lot of washing up afterward. And we keep doing that what we feel best about.

We provide the Beulings(o)Micro(n) catering in Amsterdam city centre, Broek in Waterland and Monnickendam. We offer this menu for 250 euros per person, including the use of our beautiful plates and cutlery. Linen napkins, tablecloth, and a good wine package. A bottle of white and a bottle of red and with two people, with a third and fourth person champagne and another surprise bottle. Borrowing (Zalto) glassware is an option, we ask for a deposit (purchase amount). The glasses don’t need to be washed afterward.

We take a break on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, but otherwise all days until the 30th are negotiable. Send an email to if you are interested, but don’t wait too long. The capacity is only one address per day.

Thank you for your support and good luck with the coming lockdown weeks. Enjoy each other’s company and happy holidays!

Warm Christmas Greetings,

Bas, Coco and Lisja

Book online or call 020 320 6100