Beulingstraat 9
1017 BA Amsterdam
020-320 6100

Opening hours

Thursday until Sunday for dinner from 19 pm



You can book a table by using the booking tool (preferred) or sending a direct e-mail to Please inform us of any dietary requirements and allergies when making a reservation.

Preparing our dishes takes time and we are keen to let you taste as much as possible of what we have to offer. So you can usually expect to spend the whole evening at our restaurant. We don’t want to rush things, so we hope you have the time to enjoy our food. If you would prefer to eat more quickly please let us know beforehand so that we can take this into account.

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Public Transport

Tram from or to Central Station:   Exit King’s square/ Flower Market. Walk to the Singel, opposite direction of the Flower Market and take the first street on your left hand.


Park on the side of the canals, after 16 pm it’s often less busy, Entering the Beulingstraat by car is not possible.


Koningsplein Parking Service – Reguliersdwarsstraat 14 (about. 5 min walking distance)

Parkking Kalverstraat – Singel 451C (about 6 min walking distance)

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Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry

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