Welcome to Beulings Restaurant

Nestling in the heart of Amsterdam is Beulingstraat. It is here in this tranquil spot that we opened our restaurant in 2008.

In its short history Beulings has established a fine reputation. But the story goes back far beyond the opening of the restaurant, spanning many years of heart-filled culinary experience.

We gained this experience at several renowned restaurants in and around Amsterdam, including La Rive, Het Tuynhuys, Segugio and Van Vlaanderen, where we met in 2000. Over the years we deepened and refined our vision on gastronomy, culminating in our own restaurant. Beulings continues to build on these foundations with a simple yet inspired approach which gets the best out of seasonal products. Everything we serve is carefully selected and prepared, with a keen eye for detail.

We look forward to sharing the results of our devotion with you.

Bas Bont and Lisja Hu

Book online or call 020 320 6100